Gail Smith, owner of BookSmith Solutions has over 30 years experience in various financial services.

Initially in the residential mortgage industry for 15 years in all levels of duties from processing, underwriting to managing documents, funding and shipping departments. The real estate and mortgage industry provided a lot of exposure to large dollar transactions requiring a great degree of accuracy. It also created a broad base understanding of financial and legal documents.

In moving from the mortgage industry to office management and bookkeeping, Gail saw first-hand the struggles of entrepreneurs in focusing on marketing and doing the work for which clients hired them, while trying to keep up on accounting needed to run their business. With 18 years of business management experience, Gail brings insight to problem solving and pro-active planning that frequently applies to businesses in almost all industries. From an accounting stand-point their are similarities in architecture, construction, distributors, jewelry,  tech support and more. Each business is unique, yet has many similar same basic accounting needs.

We have created a team of professionals whom work closely with you and your staff. We not only know data entry in a variety of accounting programs, we understand the depth of what makes the difference between bad bookkeeping and good accounting. We support you balancing detail in financial information with your time and your budget.

We look forward to learning about your business and what makes your needs unique. BookSmith Solutions - Our strength, your numbers.