Synchronizing Your MindBody account with Quickbooks Online

Wouldn't you prefer all of your accounting data to be automatically updated? Did you know that you automatically move your point of sale transactions from your MindBody (MBO) account to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account? No more double entry of data. Not only would it save you time, many mistakes that may occur during manual transfer are avoided. It is much more simple, fast and accurate.

Using a synchronizing system from MindBody Online to QuickBooks Online, the systems are able to transfer the needed data or information to the other system, accomplishing what would other be a tediously long task for you. It does automatically, in a matter of seconds, what the user would otherwise have to do manually every day, saving your valuable time.


Using Cazoomi SyncApps, you can link up the two programs to allow them to communicate and transfer data within the programs. SyncApps is a connector that integrates the two systems to accomplish the sync. The end result will be time saving and much easier.

Doing this will not only simplify your bookkeeping, but it will save you from the inevitable errors and save you a lot of time. Cazoomi, MindBody Online and Quickbooks Online and BookSmith Solutions will work together to help you simplify your everyday task by giving you a more simplified way to do your bookkeeping.

BookSmith Solutions is here to help with the set up but can also help you with all of your bookkeeping questions and challenges.