Your Bookkeeping Solution

BookSmith Solutions provides reliable and affordable bookkeeping services for small businesses and sole proprietors throughout the Sonoma County area.

Just Some of the Features ...

Our services include:

  • Setup, Restoration and Migration Experts
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Reports
  • Account Reconcilation
  • Small Business Payroll Processing
  • Small Business Quarterly Tax Reporting
  • Annual Government Filing
  • Free Consultations

Why Hire Us?

Hiring BookSmith gives you ...

✓ Clear and concise financial reports so you can better manage your cash flow, make better financial decisions, and grow your business.

✓ More time to focus on growing your bottom line while keeping your accounting and financial transactions accurate and up-to-date. 

✓ Peace of mind knowing that your finances and taxes are up-to-date and accurate.